17-year-old American Vincent Zhou landed the first four Lutz in Olympic history.


Teenage figure skater Vincent Zhou was the first person to jump at the Olympics.
Dan gartland, February 16, 2018.
The story first appeared on the SI.
It was an Olympics for 17-year-old American athletes.
Earlier this week, skiers Chloe Kim and Red Gerard won the gold medal in their competition. Now, teenage figure skater Vincent Zhou has created Olympic history by landing in Lutz, four people.
Zhou was the first person to jump on the Olympic platform.
No player has successfully landed in the four-wheel Axel, making Lutz the most difficult four-wheel jump you’ve ever seen at the Olympics.
Nathan Chen, an 18-year-old American, also had a four-person Lutz in his routine, and landed two during his Skate America free skating earlier this season.
Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres of France performed the metal band’s “silent voice” for Simon and Garfunkel.
Olympic pair skating has just got such a hard core, the Internet is here.
France’s Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres played the classic “silence” of Simon and Garfunkel in the metal band’s free skating competition, prompting some excellent Internet reactions.
The group, which won the bronze in the 2017 European championships, finished sixth in the team’s short-term plan with a score of 75.34. That’s enough to put them on the medal table. But perhaps most important of all, it has earned the two men on the Internet how to put elegance on a surprisingly difficult track.
This is a pair of songs that have been skating together since 2010. Last year, they also used the song for their free skateboard. “It was found by our coach,” James told the Associated Press. “They’re like ‘we really think this could be hit’.”

This marks the first Olympic Games where competitors can glide songs with lyrics. The use of music is helping to connect viewers to one of the most popular sports in the winter Olympics.
It’s an Olympic year and we don’t want it to be a focus, “she said. “We know it may come out in the end, but it’s definitely not the point. I mean, it’s still not my focus, because I’ve been dealing with it all season, and nothing has changed. We still skate a good free program and get ready to go. [I have] a great team, and I have a great support system next to me, so everything will be fine. ”
Bates and Chock, of course, have other things to discuss, including a colorful feathered suit inspired by the red and blue macaw she wears. “It’s a lively theme (in the ice dance), and we really want to reflect that with the clothes we feel and wear,” she said.
Yes, said Chock, she had a bit of a pain in her communications with the press. “But it doesn’t matter,” she said. “It’ll be all right.”
They have another day of competition – free dance – to think.
“It feels really good,” said jock, who returned to the winter Olympics, where they competed in the winter Olympics in 2014. “It feels great on the ice.”


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