Americans sell cheap ‘basic economy’ tickets on European flights.


Europeans who buy the cheapest fares may soon have to start paying cheques on American airlines.
As airlines announced plans to European routes of “basic” economy class fare is expanded to Europe, and the strategy to the overseas low-cost airlines, such as Air and Norway, an WOW, these airlines in the United States the rapid growth in a decade.
So-called based economy fare for passengers like American, delta airlines and united airlines “full service” airline seats, but cheaper fares types can save some travel used to be a standard allowance of cheap flights.
American, delta airlines and united airlines have been in the United States launched on the route of this kind of cheap air tickets, especially in the “low cost airlines” (ULCC) Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant competition in the market.
Ticket prices are closer to the low base fare offered by the ULCC, but they are limited. These include: no prior seat assignments, personal restrictions and use or no change policy.
Delta has begun selling its basic economic fare on international flights. Now the americans say it will start in April. The carrier did not specify the international market for ticket prices first, but it implied a phased launch.
In a statement, the United States said, “we have followed the same manual as the initial launch of the basic economy in the latest expansion plan.” “This includes training for airport and reservation team members starting this week, and first providing training in a limited number of markets to ensure that we can do it.”
File: Primera, the European budget airline, expanded to the United States, promising $99 one-way flight | to Europe for $65: what did you get? | for sale: WOW Air launched a one-way ticket to Europe for $89; What have you got?

“Just like we did and other airlines in the United States, we know that a significant portion of fly population almost entirely about the price,” the United States, chief executive of road, park in the United States chamber of commerce annual aviation summit held in Washington on Thursday.
“We want to provide these customers with American options,” he added.
Mr Peck said the move was designed to help operators compete with budget rivals for the most price-sensitive customers. European low-cost airlines WOW, Norway and other airlines offer only $65 for American and European fares. But some of the tickets usually charge an extra fee. For example, in Icelandic WOW, customers have to pay extra to buy a plane when booking the cheapest ticket.
Such “full-service” operators, such as America, delta and united, struggle to compete with cheap operators of a single price. America’s big airlines say that basic economic fares help them become more competitive with the country’s ULCC, which is prompting them to expand internationally.
Traditional full-service operators expect low fares to attract price-conscious travelers, who see the experience as more upscale than the experience of budget carriers.
“We have other customers willing to pay higher fares for different service levels,” pike said.
But for basic economic, “this is the airline service, which means that it will be better than low cost airline services, but it match the low cost airline fares.” “He added. “But it does not provide all the facilities that the next ticket will provide. You can’t get a seat assignment the day before you leave. You can’t upgrade the ticket price. Something like that.”
For the basic economic client connecting Europe, the international basic economic rules will apply to all flights – even domestic ones.
Below is the meaning of the basic American economic fare for passengers on domestic and European routes.


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