Gary Cohen: important trump economic policy adviser resigned.


The White House says Gary cohn, the chief economic adviser to US President Donald trump, has resigned.
This is the latest in a series of high-profile departures from the President’s team.
There is speculation that Mr Cohen, a supporter of free trade, is angry at Mr Trump’s plans to impose tariffs on aluminium and steel imports.
In a White House statement, Mr. Cohen said it was “a privilege to serve my country.”
The former head of Goldman Sachs, 57, helped Mr Trump push through sweeping tax reform at the end of last year.
But the two men did not believe in intimacy.
In August 2017, Mr Cohen criticised Mr Trump’s reaction to a far-right rally in charlottesville, va., saying the government “can and must do better”. He was reported to have drafted a resignation letter after the incident.
Mr Cohen said in a statement: “to serve my country and implement pro-growth economic policies in order to benefit the people of the United States, especially through the historic tax reform, it’s my great honor to be.”
“I thank the President for giving me the opportunity to be a great success in the future.”
Does this herald a new direction?
Anthony Zurcher, BBC news, Washington.
Gary cohn was a little strange on a strange land. He is a democrat in the republican White House; An economic globalist works for the presidency of economic nationalism. It now appears that Donald trump’s protectionist tendencies have pushed the top administrative economic adviser out.
This is not an unexpected development. Many believe the White House has disputed whether to impose comprehensive sanctions on U.S. steel and aluminum imports – a battle that was resolved last week by the President himself.
There are rumours that Mr Cohen in charlottesville, in August last year to participate in violence, the President of some white nationalism after demonstrators warmly speech feel extreme discomfort, just stick to look at the finish line last year’s tax bill.

Mr Cohen has reportedly been seen by many of Mr Trump’s White House loyalists as unwelcome intruders. Some outside, particularly in the financial world, welcomed him as a moderate influence – with son-in-law jared kushner and daughter ivanka.
Now the former is leaving, and the latter seems to have weakened considerably. All this may mark a new direction in White House policy.
In a statement, Mr Trump said his outgoing economic adviser was a “rare talent”.
“Gary… We have done a very good job of pushing our agenda, helping to achieve historic tax cuts and reforms, and to unleash the American economy again, “he said.
“He is a rare talent and I thank him for serving the American people.”
Mr Trump later tweeted that he would soon pick Mr Cohen’s replacement.
“A lot of people want this job – they choose wisely!” He added.
Potential candidates for the U.S. media include White House adviser Peter Navarro and conservative commentator Larry Kudlow and 2016 campaign advisers.
Earlier Tuesday, President trump tweeted that the White House was not chaotic, but still had “some people I want to change.”
Since Mr Trump took office, the White House has seen a string of high-profile departures.
Last week one of his closest aides wanted hicks to resign. She is the fourth person to lead the President’s exchange.
It was testimony before the house intelligence committee to investigate a possible second day of trump’s presidential campaign with Russia, but White House sources said that was not the cause.


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