4 destinations that passengers may wish to avoid in 2018.


The Sherpa, on the nepalese side of mount Everest, has long complained that the surge in Numbers is causing dangerous congestion on the world’s highest mountain.
Nepal in 2015, has been presented with peak experience climber with a limited license, now go a step further, controversially banned blind, double amputee (except for medical certificate of people) and single climber (unless there is a guide to accompany) from trying to conquer Everest or other mountains in the centre of the Himalayas.
Officials say the new guidelines have been implemented to reduce accidents and climb related deaths.
If you have to go that…
Make sure you have enough climbing experience and plenty of cash. A permit to mount Everest from Nepal costs $11,000.
Why not climb the Lhotse Middle? The world’s fourth highest mountain, in the south of mount Everest, has been open to tourists since 2013.
In machu picchu, Peru, about 5,000 people visit machu picchu in 2016, twice the number recommended by UNESCO.
Although since 2014 foreign tourists need to official guidelines, but the government released in July 2017 in new time, access time at 6 o ‘clock in the morning to held a meeting in the morning and noon noon to lunch meeting at 5 a.m
Although the restrictions are designed to prevent overcrowding, the effect has not yet been seen.
If you have to go that…
Visit between October and April. Although this is the rainy season, the number of visitors will be reduced and you will have a chance to see the castle minus the crowd.
The tourist industry in Colombia is becoming more and more secure and less affordable, making it a fascinating city. There are far fewer visitors, and easier to explore.
The Galapagos islands of Ecuador.

, so to speak, to protect the world’s most famous natural habitat is a difficult task for Ecuador’s government, the Galapagos islands of visitors is limited to a specific location and tag line, and must provide guidance at any time.
Last year, however, new rules were introduced to help preserve the original state of Ecuador.
They say visitors must show a valid return ticket before entering the hotel, a letter from the hotel or a special traffic control card sent by the residents. But it is not clear when the new rules will take effect.
If you have to go that…
Make sure to follow the 14 rules outlined in the Galapagos national park.
Peru’s Islas Ballestas, near the Pacific coast near Pisco, is an impressive journey. Thousands of seabirds, penguins, sea lions and seals cross the island.
Five fishing villages in Italy.
In 2015, five fishing villages in the five fishing villages of Riviera, Italy, attracted about 2.5 million visitors, leading authorities to promise a maximum of 1.5 million visitors the following year.
Although the statement was later reprimanded and there were no restrictions, the fear of mass tourism was real.
Cruise ships often bring unspent tourists, and a large number of tourists are said to have caused more landslides and rock falls.
If you have to go that…
Visit local restaurants and shops outside the summer.
Head south to the beautiful town of Portovenere. In the absence of rail corridors, tourists are less enamoured and better.


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