How does oprah make new friends – and the rest of her Goop podcast interview?


When a new podcast is launched, it usually gets a little rough when the manufacturer realizes the problem. Of course, gwyneth paltrow’s first Goop podcast – the latest extension of her expanding empire – is destined to become a more integrated event. Not only did she have NPR’s voice and sound quality, but her first guest, Oprah Winfrey, was able to photograph the largest fish.
For an hour, the women hated the haters, abandoned the #MeToo moment, and discussed winfrey’s golden globes speech. Here is one of the biggest needs of the interview:
No, the golden globes speech is not a subtle nod to oprah.
Although many promising oprah winfrey fans think they on winfrey’s speech on the golden globes heard this news, but when she receive lifetime achievement Cecil b. demille award, she didn’t lay the ground for presidential bid.
“I don’t want to run any office,” Mr. Winfrey insisted. Her speech may be exciting and inspiring, but she want to # MeToo motion response of the reason is: “for our position, and I was proud of what we do, but you need to know that you are not alone. Some people suffer, suffer, not to speak, because they can’t speak – because they know I can’t speak means to feed my children – the child has come to front of you, they have to the way this article possible. ”
Oprah and gwyneth know all about their enemies.
Winfrey joked that when paltrow entered the tabloids, she was relieved that it had taken the heat away from her. Over the years, winfrey said, she is impacted by the spiritual differentiation, the introduction of the importance of self care, and those who claim that they are trying to “church” oprah started his religious people who says she is a proud member).
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Winfrey’s mentor, the late Maya angelou, helped her resolve the criticism, telling her that the ultimate negative impact was not in winfrey, but in the tabloid writers who needed to sell stories. When it comes to…
Ms. Winfrey and her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, aren’t often seen together in public.
“Every time there’s a new photo, there’s a new story,” winfrey said. Tabloid writers can easily fabricate narratives based on past expressions. The couple did appear together at the golden globes, which may not have led to a lot of new tabloid fodder, but his disjointed face did raise some interesting memes.
Oprah has your reading list.

Obviously. Winfrey talks about two books that affect her life, both about spirituality and human consciousness. The first is the “seat of the soul” of the often published oprah guest, Gary zuckuk, and the second is eckhart tolle’s “new earth: awakening your purpose”. Both forced winfrey – a thoughtful fan – to be more realistic and think about her intentions. She said they also helped her heal “the disease is satisfactory,” so she no longer felt she had to be positive about everything – even if it involved Stevie Wonder asking her to do the good.
So why did she say yes to gwyneth’s podcast?
Paltrow is clearly persistent. But the new venture also reminded winfrey to start her own TV show and to make it difficult to lock in the first guest.
“We’re like bribing don Johnson,” winfrey recalls. “We’re doing everything. It’s hard to get this first. ”
All of these attempts to explore have something to do with why oprah has no children?
Yes, despite the pressure from friends, including her favorite Gayle King and strangers, she only knew that deep down was wrong.
“I don’t think I’m going to be a good mother,” she said. “I need you to talk to me. Once they turn 2 or 3, I’m always better with my kids, so I don’t think it’s for me. ”
Winfrey is an art collector, but her most important work is one of her earliest acquisitions (and far from being the most expensive).
According to media tycoon, the first thing her family saw when she walked into her door was a 1904 harry roslan painting by her daughter.
Winfrey also collected information about slaves forced to live there. She said she sometimes revisited the documents and spoke out the names of the slaves when she felt things were going wrong. It reminded her of “how far I’ve come, and after you’ve seen the names, ages and prices of these people, no crisis seems to be a crisis.”
She called the parkland high school student activist “the new freedom knight.”
“They will turn this painful energy and strength into a miracle,” she said.
She hopes the #MeToo campaign will transcend sexual harassment.
She foresaw what abuse could be called the moment of eradication.
“Not only will I not accept your sexual harassment, I will not accept any of your bulls – do you know?” She said. “I think we’re moving forward.”
When oprah is the subject of an interview, she will inevitably ask questions.


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