Data line: Facebook’s zuckerberg won’t appear before lawmakers.


The chairman of the committee that invited him said it was “surprising” that Facebook’s boss, mark zuckerberg, decided not to attend the congress.
Damian Collins, the head of the parliamentary inquiry into fake news, urged Mr Zuckerberg to “think again”.
Cambridge analytics, a Facebook and data analytics firm, is the centre of excessive data collection.
Mr Zuckerberg apologised for “breach of trust” but said he would not appear before the investigation.
He will send one of his senior executives, Facebook chief product officer Chris cox, to give evidence to members of congress in the first week after the Easter recess.
Cambridge Analytica’s global impact.
What does Cambridge Analytica do?
Facebook data sharing – action time?
Mr. Collins, chairman of the special committee on cultural media and sports, said: “given the extraordinary evidence we have heard so far… It is surprising that mark zuckerberg is not ready to be questioned.
“These issues are of fundamental importance and concern to Facebook users and to our investigations.
“I would certainly urge him to reconsider his interest in those who use his company.”
Facebook says Mr Cox “has the conditions to answer the committee’s questions”.
Over the weekend, Mr Zuckerberg in Britain and the United States issued a full page AD on several Sunday newspapers, to say sorry, and added that the company can do more work to prevent millions of users using Cambridge analysis data of the company.
Selected committee on Tuesday heard the former Cambridge analysis company employees think Christopher Willie, he claimed that Britain may not have voted in favour of the company, if it is not because of “left” activity “cheating”.
Mr Wylie told the committee that Aggregate IQ, a Canadian firm, linked to Cambridge Analytica, had received a Vote Leave funding and played a “very important role” in the outcome of the referendum.
He also claimed:
His predecessor died in suspicious circumstances at a hotel in Kenya.

The voting holiday and other pro-brexit groups are working together, and a “joint plan” is set up to rein in spending.
The Cambridge analysis company, which works at the Brexit group Leave.EU and its “franchising”, Aggregate IQ, was hired by Vote Leave.
During the referendum campaign, the data collected were used to identify five million to seven million people.
Overall IQ says it has a “conversion rate” of 5 to 7 percent that convinces people to vote.
Mr Wylie, who first published the charges in the Observer newspaper a week ago, accused Cambridge Analytica of collecting details of 50 million Facebook users through personality tests in 2014.
He claims that, with 270,000 people taking the test, data from about 50 million users in the United States have been reaped without the explicit consent of their friends’ networks.
Mr Wylie claims that the data were sold to Cambridge Analytica, which USES it to analyse people psychologically and provide them with material from Donald trump to help the presidential campaign.
He describes his former boss, Alexander nicks, the chief executive of Cambridge analytics, a salesman with a lot of wealth without a political or technical background.
Members of congress heard that they were both late, because Mr Nyx had to “pick up a 200,000-pound chandelier”.
Cambridge analytics said Mr Wylie “misrepresented himself and the company” to the committee.
It describes him as a “part-time contractor” who left the company in July 2014, less than a year after working there.
The company said Mr Wyllie had “not been directly aware of the company’s work or practice since then”.
The Cambridge analyst also said he was “disgusted” by the “use” of “the tragic death of our team members as a way to advance his own agenda”.
“A survey by the Kenyan authorities concluded that there was no doubt about the death of our colleagues and that we, as a company, were deeply saddened by the loss.” It says.
The Cambridge analysis company also denied that any data collected were part of its service to the trump campaign.
Aggregate IQ said the company had “never entered into a contract with Cambridge analysis” and had “never knowingly involved any illegal activity”.
Vote Leave has denied accusing them of breaking the rules of consumption during the 2016 British referendum and deciding whether to stay in the eu.
In a blog post on Friday, Dominic Cummings, who voted Leave, said the allegations were “in fact false” and that the election committee approved the donation on the eve of the referendum.


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