I’m sorry for the reform, but they didn’t launch the scale soon.


Religious reform, as a brand for women lovers, hopes to do better. After the launch of petite and baby sizes, the brand announced that it had launched a series of new extensions with extended sizes. Co-designed with model Ali Tate Cutler, buyers can expect the same Ref staples-flirty wrap dress, vintage flowers and belted strapless plaid, but this time the size is 0-22 and xs-3x.
“Last year, we began to receive a lot of comments about social media and the larger size of our customers’ packaging,” the brand said in a news release. “We agree that it is not fair that we offer only a limited range of clothing and have been working to change it. […]. We are very sorry that we did not do this as soon as possible.
Although limited edition series is not a brand new unit (such as small series), but reform department, said in response to this is “the first step towards this category, they will continue to fine tune from the customer feedback. ”
Tonight, 14-year-old Millie bobby brown performs in the Nickelodeon Kids’Choice award, which is a custom Calvin klein. But the actress appears in the latest promotion the brand did not wear any custom design: “the stranger” star wearing a denim jacket, it reads “line” for our life and Parkland 17 the victim’s name.
After the show, she posted a photo of her coat on Instagram, thanking Calvin Klein for supporting her and supporting the cause.

After winning her favorite TV actress, Mr. Brown also used the occasion to give an empowering speech that reminded viewers that she would “play a positive role and help influence change” in her voice. Watch her speech and read the following text:
Thank you very much for receiving this award and thanks to Nickelodeon for bringing us together. As we have seen before, today’s “demonstrations for our lives” around the world inspire me and affect us all in various ways. I’m very lucky to get the actor award tonight. I am so grateful that I thank all my fans for their love and support, and the opportunity that our program, Stranger Things, created for me.
But most importantly, I can work here, and I’m honored to have a voice that I can hear, and I can use it to hopefully have a positive impact and help influence change. Okay, now there’s a great support in this room, love and kindness, and I want to encourage you to accept it and pass it on.
For the angels among us, your spirit still exists. Here you are.


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