The median pay for chief executives was a record $15.7 million, according to Tan Hock Eng, Broadcom’s highest-paid chief executive in the us last year.


Washington (Washington post) – chief executive pay has risen – again. According to a new analysis, a booming stock market and incentives for equity incentives have pushed the median pay of the top 100 ceos in 2017 at the highest level in 11 years.
Research on executive compensation and governance Equilar on Wednesday (April 11) released the report examines the top 100 listed companies pay, and put forward the broader chief executive pay ranking, the ranking will usually arrive in late spring and analyze the company’s standard & poor’s 500 index.
Although chief executive salary growth in value is slightly lower than 5% a year ago, not 6%, but the value of $15.7 million in the total CEO compensation, this is the first time breaks through the previous high of $2016 in 15 million. Equilar began its analysis in 2007.
Equilar content and communications director Dan Marcec said, a number that is not surprising, because most of the chief executive compensation consists of stock allowance, and 2017 is the market performance of banner year: standard & poor’s 500 index rose nearly 20%.
“Frankly, this number shows us more than we see,” he said. “In the last seven or eight years we have seen sustained growth, which is consistent with a bull market, with stock prices generally rising and the President’s compensation going to be higher.”
As the securities and exchange commission took effect this year, Equilar’s analysis adds to the ratio of CEO and employee compensation to each company. The rules require listed companies to disclose the ratio of their chief executives to the average wage worker.
For the 100 largest companies, these proportions are often much higher than the market, the median of 235 to 1, and the Russell 3000 index of ratio of 72 to 1, the company currently has reported 2017 years of data.
In other words, chief executives of big companies tend to get paid more than others.
“This list is always the high water mark we see,” Mr. Marcek said. “Most of them are recognized multinationals, and these companies are complex, and it doesn’t seem surprising that they are at the highest level of compensation in these jobs.”
Each year, the list produces some eye-popping Numbers, in part because CEO compensation packages are valued on new stock awards. Therefore, chief executive, can only get a year of multi-year grants can within a year to expand the scale of the CEO compensation packages, only be seen in the second year of decline – although still relatively high.
In this year’s study, for example, pay the highest chief executive is Broadcom Tan Hock Eng, in the United States President Donald trump to stop its $117 billion acquisition of Qualcomm and its legal domicile in the next few weeks from Singapore to the United States.

Mr. Chen’s 2017 package is worth $103.2 million. Although this is a huge number, but it includes a value of $98.3 million of new stock grants, only the Broadcom to meet and shareholder returns under the condition of a certain threshold value, the stock will pay in a few years.
Meanwhile, the chief executive with the biggest pay, Thomas Rutledge of Charter Communications, was paid $7.7 million in 2017, down 92 percent from 2016, when his salary was $98.5 million. The 2016 payment includes a $78 million equity award related to the new employment agreement, which will be paid within five years.
Other names on the new list include Brian Duperreault ($42.8 million), chief executive of aig. Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, oracle’s co-chief executives, each received packages worth more than $40 million; Robert Iger, Walt Disney’s chief executive, was paid $36.3 million.
At the same time, the list of many of the companies with the highest CEO compensation ratio of companies employ a large number of retail, temporary or foreign employees, these employees lower salary may make the proportion look particularly high. At manpower resource suppliers in manpower, the ratio of CEO to worker compensation is 2,483 to 1. At retailer Kohl’s, the ratio is 1,264 to 1.
In its proxy, manpower points out that 95% of the employees used in the calculation are “partners” employed by client companies in 80 countries, most of which are temporary. If only 5% of long-term employees were used, the ratio would be 273 to 1.
Who is the lowest ranked chief executive of the 100 largest companies? That is oracle warren buffett of Omaha, whose stock holdings may be billions of dollars, but his chief executive, Berkshire hathaway, has a limited annual pay.
According to the company’s agent, he received a salary equal to $100,000 in the United States and more than 25 years in salary – but no bonus or new stock awards. Berkshire also provides security services for Mr. Buffett, with a cost of $375,000 in 2017. Berkshire’s chief executive compensation ratio is 1.87:1.


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