If you see a bear – whether you’re on the road or in your backyard, that’s what you should do.


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If it’s scary, it’s encouraging to see the bears in the wild. It is also disturbing to see them climbing up the carpeted stairs of a ski apartment, while the man hiding in the closet puts his phone on the phone and posts it on YouTube.
There are tons of family video, like these online bears, not like this: climb up the windscreen of a car, and the baby screams in the back seat; In the NIMBY way, it’s lovely to have a pool party in Connecticut. Unfortunately, there has been an accident in lake tahoe recently. Unfortunately, a pot of brownie has just left the oven and cool on the windowsill, and everyone goes out for a walk. When the people came back, they found the bear, like goldilocks, ate them all.
Ann Bryant, director of the BEAR alliance at lake tahoe, says the situation is rising. “Twenty years ago, we got five calls a day. Now we get two hundred, “she said, there are more visitors, more locals living between bear – then keep the Windows open, the food was out, the garbage filled, and never learned how to correctly and they live together.
“Fifty percent of the time, we coach idiots,” Bryant said. Just like his father in the child’s nose wipe peanut butter, and wait for a bear lick it off (in the picture, he explained), or is the walk from his backyard to his couch cookies path guy, because he thinks it is’ you know, while watching TV take a eat biscuits bear is very interesting.
Please don’t feed the bear! When they get too used to humans, they are dangerous to ourselves and to us.
What if you see a bear?
In a densely populated area like Tahoe or Whistler, if a black bear is on your lawn (deck, driveway, campground), it’s easy, Bryant says. Not friendly. Clap your hands, stamp your feet, smash the Windows, yell. It will run away. The spray gun, the beach ball, the small stone (thrown on its butt) also helps to scare it away. “The black bear is the big chicken,” she promised.
But if you see a black bear or a grizzly bear on your lawn, it’s even more complicated. Respect and hospitality. According to Dan leblanc, of the bear panic in alberta, this is the number one rule: keep calm (well, ok). Don’t scream or turn your back. Don’t run; It will chase you (the bear can reach 35 miles per hour). Give it space. Ask your most soothing yoga teacher in a loud voice – “hey, bear. I am human. Come out from here, “and step back in the direction of your progress.

Leblanc says it’s not a bear black or brown (the black bear may be brown, by the way), but the bear doesn’t behave like that. “Read the signal.”
It can either be afraid, ask you to leave (defense) or want to kill you, eat you (predatory). There’s no pressure, but you need to figure it out quickly.
Defensive bear behavior: the ears come back, paw flap, chin cla, roar. A black bear cub may climb a tree.
Your behavior: withdraw gradually while turning sideways and avoid eye contact. As you know, show as much as you can.
Predatory bear behavior: ears forward, head up, stare at you, stalking.
Your behavior: it looks big. Lock your eyes. Shout. Throwing things. Scary; Let it know who the boss is.
The bear is likely to leave. What if it doesn’t charge? “% # @&.” If it’s defensive – most of it is – it’s bluff. Probably. “At that time, it was a hope and a prayer,” lewin admitted.
“Every muscle in your body will tell you, but don’t run.” Instead, stick to your stance and eliminate the bear’s spray – 98% of the people who use it (correctly) are not harmed. Gratifying.
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If a bear puts its PAWS on you…
Mother bears or grizzly bear defends her cubs: play dead.
Male black bears: they usually fight back.
Male grizzly bear: it depends. Is the bear defensive? Suspended animation. Plunder? Fight for your life.
Reprinted from LOOK BIG, and a variety of animal encounter other skills Copyright © 2018 by Rachel Levin. Issued by Ten Speed Press, Penguin Random House LLC.


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