Quindy brown, father’s son, attended storm Paris men’s fashion week


The spring men’s 2019 show may be over, but they offer much more than a look at the next season’s clothes. Several new faces appeared in the front row, bringing a new flavor to Paris fashion week.

Is one of the actors, musicians and artists quincy brown, a delicate Hollywood hyphen more, all the major events of the season – in Virgil has appeared in a diablo’s Louis vuitton debut, with colorful patterns, dressed in blue colour. In off-white Passing through the Matrix -worthy leather-looking crowd.

Brown’s impeccable style prevails at home. Sean “Diddy” Combs, son of the legendary fashion aficionado, and R&B star Al b. Combs, of course, joined his brother, up-and-coming artist Christian Combs, in his whirlwind tour of Paris .

The couple made waves at every event they visited, but we didn’t accept their words. Brown documented the killer look and front row fun of the week for Vogue, capturing every moment of an old film camera and using a unique collage format.

Invasion is the fantastic chaos project of visual artist and musician Cody Critcheloe, which is amorphous from the start. Critcheloe, who now divides his time between New York and Los Angeles, began using the nickname when he lived in his home state of Kentucky, recording After he was driving and with some punk rock in the nearby town of chicken, it becomes a live band, once Critcheloe moved to Kansas city to participate in the school of art, he shifted again, Where he found a group of women to share with… The stage. “It always deforms based on where I am and who I play with,” Mr. Critchello said.

With Ssion’s latest album O, after seven years of interruption, his third album, released officially, Critcheloe prejudice against popular music has reached its peak, the compact, extremely attractive songs collection found artists working with some of his heroes, such as Hole ‘s Intro for the first time, it is not difficult to imagine such a song “, “the first single Ø, was broadcast on the radio, but then about half the time, the floating chorus “I want it to be accessible, but there should always be twists and turns or debris scraping you off,” Critcheloe describes. “It looks very interesting and Attractive, but in the process it makes you feel a little uncomfortable.”

Although invasion’s voice is as good as ever, the project retains some DIY roots – Critcheloe filmed “Comeback” dollars video with longtime collaborator Megan Mantia in Kansas city. “My surrogate family is in Kansas city,” he said. “I’m still I close living and I love working with them. I love living [in New York] and seeing all these different things, and being pressured and challenged by all these things, but I love going back to my own little world.

“At least the sky is blue,” the new video, Ariel Pink dressed as Elizabeth Taylor, the old man armed to the teeth, and Critcheloe live in a mansion on the hill in a soulless living in Los Angeles, where he blindly waving green smoothies application date and drink. In the clip, Critcheloe eventually end in the carnival, took some ketamine (if the lyrics of this song is literally), translates into Liza Minnelli spitting image ( His mother always was told she actually looks like) with a diamond pendant earrings and shiny golden pants suit.

In real life, Critcheloe was also attracted by the deformation of the absurd: he recently in Ladyfag LadyLand festival performances, draw a picture from head to foot the appearance of the cow, he seems to be done in gold inlaid vest. He dabbles in haute Couture (he recently performed at a Jeremy Scott party) but admits he is more relaxed in his daily life. As for his travel wardrobe, Critcheloe wants to limit his collection to an iconic look. “I just want to make sure that every time I Take a picture, there’s only one look associated with the tour,” Critcheloe said. “My friend it has to have sequins and stuff,’ and he was like, ‘god, you’re so pathetic You’re the kind of person who wants to perform and be covered in sequins and gold. I guess it’s Kentucky. ”

In addition to the travel wardrobe, the video of Japanese is also very important to music itself. “When I heard a song and it was coming together, I was already thinking about the visual component,” Critcheloe said. “I think ultimately it’s the Film and video, and I’m so attracted to it because it’s everything: it’s acting, it’s acting, it’s props, it’s painting, it’s clothes. It feels like the highest form of art.

“I’m glad I had the time, but now I realize again create something for”


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