What is the secret of jay-z and other business leaders’ success


Jay-z is not joking when he says he is a “businessman”. His net worth is $810 million and his career has expanded to include sports, artist management and streaming. But the secret of his deception is something you might not have thought of: healing.

In a recent interview with the New York times, the musician admitted that in addition to his new album, he had received traditional therapy. This helped him become a thinker and leader.

I have grown a lot from this experience. “But I think the most important thing is that everything is connected,” jay said in an interview. Every emotion is connected. It comes from somewhere. And be aware of that. Realize that this is what you do in your daily life You have the advantage. ”

Expanding his perspective, he adds, helps him understand other people’s sources, even if they are racist. “I don’t have an angry response. I can provide a soft landing. ‘he said.

Jay describes empathy. There is plenty of evidence that healthy empathy succeeds in the workplace during treatment. In business, stress can be debilitating. Research shows that stress and mental health are responsible for more than half of all job losses each year. A 1990 study of empathy training among medical students found that those who learned to empathize more with others and lower their stress levels in difficult situations actually did.

Science is a little counterintuitive. Empathy is often seen as feeling the pain of others.

In fact, recent research suggests that emotional empathy – in other words, being consumed by the feelings of others – can be psychologically damaging. But people who are compassionate, who allow more distance and positive responses, can help others solve problems. That’s what jay-z says, and he says he can “soft land him” after treatment.

Research shows that empathy is also the key to successful leadership. Sympathetic leaders are more likely to participate in their reports, and unfair bosses are more likely to see their employees leave.

This is what many well-known business leaders preach. Bill and Melinda gates have urged Stanford graduates to reach out to empathy in order to tackle the biggest crisis facing the world today. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, argues that “empathy drives the power of everyday behaviour”. Even if you have all the possible wisdom, you still need to connect with others to succeed, says Jeff bezos. Explaining what made her talk show so popular, oprah winfrey explained, “I had to learn to feel and understand… I think when I’m with you. It doesn’t just mean I can wear your shoes, but my heart beats the same as yours. I see yourself. She thinks she’s been hosting “my biggest therapy” for years.

No wonder, then, that treatment and its affiliates have become more valuable in a typical corporate sector. In a report, the world economy, BBS predicted that emotional intelligence would be one of the top 10 skills of 2020. Empathy training has become one of the hottest new trends in leadership classes, with courses offered by companies hoping for better results.

They might do something. From Jon hamm and gwyneth paltrow to J.K. rowling, the giants of business and creativity talk about how therapy can help them overcome emotional battles and become stronger. (rowling says she even had to be treated for her huge success.) Jay-z is the latest. As he approached $1 billion, he looked better than ever.


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