This Turkish girl is baking Bijoux.


Istanbul’s Esra Dandin may be the woman behind the city’s most visually appealing culinary creations, but now the 28-year-old is baking Bijoux. “I just made some cakes and cookies, is not satisfactory,” said benchmark, the hobby to let her in Karakoy pastry shop Dandin cake and fine seeds scattered petals opened three layers, she and her husband Egemen Ş enkarde opened three years ago. “We didn’t do any design and we felt guilty about it.” (Ş enkarde ş, one of the metal and wood, is responsible for the business.) Her idea was to go back to jewelry, of course she did it in college, so when she handed over the pastry shop to a novice in July, she picked up where she had just left.
Dandan naturally changed her career. “[waxing] has the same raw, calming feel as baking,” she said, citing the cinnamon bread curve found in last month’s online series. There is also a silver necklace, a Jean Arp biosculpture pendant, a clavicle on an agate earring, and an echo of a rhodium hoop suspended over baroque pearls – made from Dandin sketches and shapes, then hand-made by an Armenian silversmith. “They have had a tradition of metal working since the Ottoman empire! “She added.
Although the city not only provided her with the best craftsmanship, it also provided her with a less vibrant aesthetic. As she puts it, the link is simple: “Istanbul is dynamic and chaotic, so I look for peace in my design.” Next on the hunt for a new brand are household items (such as chromium-plated vases and wooden egg cups and hand-picked vintage pieces). Ultimately, “it’s part of the same world,” she said. “It’s a story.

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There are more famous shots in your collection, including a photo of Imaan Hammam stunned by a black turban. For all the athletes, Bella Hadid got some new Nike kicks from Virgil Abloh. (his only name is “Virgil is here.”) ) French journalist will be a star again, but Sophie fontanelli has created a mirror that asks the question, using her pink blazer and green trousers as an example: is that right? In the spring?


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