Queen of fantasy


The queen of the dream

As the low gang crouched on the floor and took pictures with purple snake shoes, the director rushed into the room and threw the young woman’s Mainbocher coat out. I had no idea that the assistant was “back right away” and that the underlings were fired because they didn’t accept them. No, she turned her experience into a bombshell? Is. But it’s not your idea, it’s not your time. The assistant was not Lauren Weisberger, and her first job was done — Anna Wintour, the us Vogue editor, replied to the Roman clef on her phone and then the film “the devil wears prada” (a shameful “lack of loyalty”, Vogue’s creative director, funny Grace, Paddington, in her low-key memoir, “Grace”). Far from it: the office dog is the future movie star Ali MacGraw, an aide to Ms. Wintour’s legendary predecessor, Diana friedland.

The queen of fashion is a new, sensitive and multi-faceted book about Vreeland by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart. When Mainbocher rebounded, she explained that Vreeland was working for her rival Harper’s Bazaar, not Vogue. Since the mid-1930s, when dancing was seen at the Regis hotel and considered her “pizazz,” it has been credited with being created by friedland. At the exhibition, the free country was called “why don’t you?” Known for its columns, stream of consciousness aims to get women into life and create a playful, complex style. Among her Suggestions: return to the baroque porcelain stove from central Europe (it’s nicely placed on the front patio parquet), snow Neil earrings tucked into emerald green upholstery chairs, living room and back in the bugatti moose leather case. In 1962, Vreeland took the helm of Vogue. Her first question came next month, in January 1963 and 50 years ago.

McGraw did not win her roles in goodbye, Columbus and love story, but the 59-year-old was chosen for decades. Stanley donnan wrote “dir-ahn” in “funny face” in 1957 (she gave her name in a towering voice). In 1941, the Broadway musical “women in the dark” by deshatt, Kurt vaudeville and Gershwin, Ireland, was inspired by her charm. But as far back as 1918, the teenager Diana dalzil vowed to turn her eccentric daughter from a narcissistic socialite into a “girl.”

Who or what is this creature? In her diary, friedlander wrote that she had been “staring at the girls to see them because they were perfect. I never found that girl or that woman. I’m the girl. “She said it would be a betrayal of herself if her mission did not succeed. She never gives up her mission. She is editing mirador, and she urges viewers to believe that “magic is real” because “that’s what you want… And how to make it happen. In 1971, Ms. Stewart writes, as the reverberations of the feminist youth earthquake rocked the popular notion of an ideal woman, the idea of a free country seemed to be “cliche.”

In his late 70s, w. and her fashion fire, freedom place proved that the past was impeccable, resurrecting his own rising costume institute at the metropolitan museum of art in New York. According to her colleague, journalist Bob Colacello, the guiding principle of her career is not to give people what they want, but to “give them something they don’t know.” She died of a heart attack in 1989. “You can’t always get what you want.” )

“The way you have to learn …… Make yourself necessary “: grace cod 1974. Credit willy Christie.

Vreeland’s documentary “eyes must travel” is currently being shown in U.S. theaters. Its creator, Lisa Immordino Vreeland (Alexander’s wife, the grandson of liberty), has also edited grand reviews of her work. Photographs taken in “Diana’s freedom: eyes must travel” are still more attractive in the film. Few “conversation pictures” can have a proper impact on visual images. Freeland’s greatest achievement may be the enduring quality of her seemingly capricious voice – the ability to read, read and listen over and over without losing juice.

If Diana Vreeland is the queen of fashion, then Anna Wintour, still a fashion editor, is called the Pope. Dubbed RJ Cutler’s documentary “the problem” in September, the filmmakers with their fantasy and huge annual fall fever this magazine version of the scene will be a high cliff. Cover model’s terrible hair, actress sienna miller, can be salvaged? Thousands of dollars of photos will end up in the recycle bin? A few days before the printing press started rolling, could the transfiguration photographer be persuaded to jump into the air – hang a heavy and expensive camera – and take pictures of the jump model? The problems of September proved that wintour was as horrible as Wieland.

The documentary’s shocking breakup was Coddington, a sullen welsh model who became a fashion editor. At the age of 71, a burly, white-haired man with long hair, coddington came to wintour’s American “fashion” collection in 1988. Throughout the film, she gulps and breathes, pleading for a girl version of Vreeland to defend her powerful boss. “You have to be tougher,” Mr. Paddington told a demoralized colleague earlier, adding: “you have to learn how to overcome your way of feeling and making it necessary.” In her memoir, however, coddington shows less intelligence, working with designers and photographers to become a teenager. Her love and marriage; 30 years of cooperation with French hair stylist Didier Malige. In fact, Coddington is more like a cat than a tiger, with plenty of room to focus on her beloved domestic cat. In a sense, “grace” is like a woman’s diary, she keeps girls at all costs and creates a high-profile profession – in fact, it is the ambition of young Diana to have every little almond cake.

Fashion is interesting. It doesn’t operate like a physical equation. However, the books and matching films show Diana Vreeland, Anna Wintour, and Grace Coddington’s women’s fashion and humming. “You have to have that fashion story,” Coddington said in the September issue. “You know – spots or stripes,” “but I tried to make it secondary. We built a fantasy around the girl. “


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