If you have a Clunker, add a car gadget


If you have a Clunker, add a car gadget
The owner of the old car has hope. Technical observer Emil Ivan lists some of the coolest inventions of ordinary cars, such as espresso machines, showers and stoves.

Robert Siegel, moderator:

Let’s say your car isn’t as cool as New Tesla, and you want to use gadgets to make it feel cooler, or at least make it feel like 2016, even if you were driving in the pre-electric car era. what can you do? Ok, blog Emil Ivan has some ideas for you. He is the executive editor of Cool Pile, who talks about various gadgets on his blog. Emil Ivan, welcome to the program.

EMIL IVAN: Hello everyone. How are you?

Siegel: I want you to find some projects here. We are not just talking about mobile phone chargers. You can buy a variety of fun gadgets for your car.

Ivan: Yes, there are actually a few very cool dashes that can record your trip. They are very useful if you have an accident or something happened before the car. For travel enthusiasts, you can use a few items in your car to make your life easier around the world, such as a road shower.

Siegel: Emir, explain one to us because I saw it. Water is – it looks like a pretty little tank on your roof. How much water did you put?

Ivan: Well, obviously, you don’t do it like you do at home, like staying in the bath for two hours while taking a bath. But this is enough for two showers. It is fixed in the same way as skis are fixed during skiing. It heats up from the sun, it just lets you park anywhere, just take a shower or use hot water to wash your car or do anything that requires hot water.

Siegel: There are some gadgets on your website. You tell others that these gadgets are called HUDs and are displayed. These are the projections you see on the windshield.

Ivan: These are very good gadgets. You are right. They look like a small device on the dashboard and they are projected on the screen. They make it look as virtual as an airplane driver’s seat. You can still view the traffic and see the route. Let’s say if it says to turn right, you can see the actual arrows help you drive around the city, all without taking your eyes off the road.

Siegel: You have a car gadget for me, this is a good news, bad news gadget.

Ivan: Ok.

SIEGEL: This is a simple quick jumper, not a jumper that connects from one battery to another. You connect from one lighter jack to another, on the one hand it’s very simple, on the other hand it takes 5 to 10 minutes. Charging in this way

Ivan: Well, this, you see here, it comes to me as a necessity. Like my wife – she is driving, we are in Montreal in the winter. You know, Montreal is minus 30 degrees Celsius minus 40 degrees Celsius. So when we see this problem, I am looking for something simpler on the Internet that can be used for men or girls who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. Just plug it in and wait 5 to 10 minutes. You start your engine.

Siegel: This is a hand coffee automatic espresso machine. Like several other devices, it actually uses a cup holder built into the car as a natural place, I think.

Ivan: Well, if you are a coffee lover, it’s really cool. I am a coffee lover and it has a specific form. You can put it in the cup holder. Obviously, I don’t recommend that you use it while driving. but…

SIEGEL: For this you may need to focus on the espresso machine’s head-up display to project it onto the windshield so you can look straight ahead while concentrating the espresso while you are driving.

Ivan: Well, you need that, and there is another gadget you need. And the man called the four hands was not invented…

Siegel: (Laughter) Emile Ivan, thank you very much for talking about great car gadgets.

Ivan: Thank you very much.

Siegel: The blog Emil Ivan is the editor of Cool Pile. He posted a variety of gadgets on his blog.


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