Use these fashionable cannabis accessories to enhance your smoking game.


It’s October 17, which means Canada has become the second country in the world to legalize the use of recreational marijuana after Uruguay. What better way to celebrate than to take a small Toke? Whether you’re a prohibitor, an occasional wader, or a full Stoner, you’ll appreciate the beauty of these beautifully designed smoking accessories. After you have finished these fashionable accessories, you no longer want to smoke marijuana from that sloppy head. Blow, blow, blow.
Megan Markel and Prince Harry’s trip to Australia today focuses on the environment. The couple spent a whole day learning about sustainability projects integrated into Albert Park Elementary School, and with students “Sustainable Leaders and Waste Warriors,” they took part in community volunteer beach cleanup patrols and visited Royal Plants. The garden of things. But today there is another more subtle and environmentally friendly element: Markel’s rothy apartment.
To visit the beach, the Duchess exchanged her Navy Manolo Branik pump for a pair of black pointed-toed apartments designed by Lael Rohy of San Francisco and made from recycled plastic. According to business insiders, “The upper knitting of shoes is 100% of the consumer plastic water bottles, after hot washing, disinfection, and then fused into fiber, and then woven into yarn.”

The sustainable company has so far repositioned 12 million bottles of water, apparently Markle’s favorite, as she slipped into them in Sydney a few days ago. In the middle of a busy day, expectant mothers swapped Stuart Weitzman’s shoes for rothy’s apartment. Is Meghan Markle-approved good for the environment? This is a very important issue.
At a secret location in Vancouver, I received an invitation to dinner filled with eight courses of marijuana, and I imagined the panic that the drugs might bring to me. After all, I only ate once, and I only ate a little. Explaining dinner to my mother also worried me. But my curiosity is stronger.
The genius behind this meal is Christopher Sayegh in Losangeles. (herb Chef) Sayegh, 26, who studies molecular cell biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has begun to study marijuana, not just the way college students “study” it. He wants to know what influence smoking has on his body. He also realized that he would rather cook for a living. His parents disapproved of either, so he moved into his car and worked in the kitchen in Los Angeles for a while, although he spent time at Memlisse, a Michelin-star restaurant, and Madison Park, No. 11, New York. In 2015, he founded his non-traditional catering company. After that, he prepared more than 800 private dinner.


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