We predict fashion will be optimistic again in 2019


In our winter issue, FASHION editors gathered 100 people to predict that our products and experiences will explode in 2019. This is our first Hot 100 Fuse List. From the workout you’ll be doing to the new designer and destination you’ll see on the feed, this is an informed guide for next year. After a long year in 2018, we need to start being more optimistic and happy in 2019. Brands like Edie Parker suggest you start with your wardrobe.

From a pop culture perspective, actresses and activists in black tuxedos show their support for the #MeToo movement at the start of the golden globes in January 2018. It was a year of shocking Revelations, but it was also filled with powerful, game-changing moments.

At that point, it’s time to be a little happier in 2019. If there is a designer who knows how to spread a positive vibe, it is Brett Heyman.

A good example: this absolutely upbeat oval bag is made from Gold Confetti. Made of hand-pressed acrylic, including something Heyman calls a ‘kiss lock,’ Edie Parker’s aesthetic has a retro bent, but since the brand is named after Heyman’s daughter, it’s more about the future. “Life is serious,” Hyman said. “We need more happiness these days.”

Five trends we found at New York fashion week

We predict an increase in fall medieval corsets and weird footwear.

The first week of New York fashion week’s fashion month circuit is over. Fall 2019 begins with Tom ford’s fluffy “pimp hat” and ends with marc jacobs’ dark, predatory sylphs collection. While there are more trends to be found when shows take place in London, milan and Paris, we have noticed some exciting shows emerging from New York. Here are five trends from New York fashion week that will make our banking even bigger this fall.

Anna sui, Michael kors and ullah Johnson have all taken us back to the coolest sunglasses pilots and the days when the operative word was “chic” : the 1970s. Think crocheted tablecloth dresses, paisley prints and sheep leather jackets ordering ikea monkeys. The best way to stay current this fall will be to visit your grandma (or cool aunt) closet.

A Renaissance circus

If Victorian ruffles have been popular over the past few seasons, fall 2019 could be a return to medieval Europe. Stiff corsets and puffy sleeves, rarely seen outside the confines of Renaissance circuse, have largely returned to the runway. Perhaps inspired by Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Favorite,” it seems that women are waiting to emulate new style ICONS.

Feathers, fur and fins

The last four seasons of teddy jackets seem to have morphed into a comprehensive Muppet look. Michael Kors and R13 found plenty of fluffy faux fur coats, while Prabal Gurung and Christian Cowan used feathers. Given fashion’s recent embrace of fur-free sports, it seems we still want to dress like animals rather than use them.


Pleating is a garment technology that describes pleating fabric at seams to increase volume or highlight shape, most of which can be seen on the runway in fall 2019. Vaquera will draping the fabric into a giant sailboat, Moon Choi’s collection of knitwear is very flattering, and Marjan and Carolina Herrera have both explored the art of draping. We suspect that adding fabric this fall will be the best way to make your outfit a little extra.

Weird footwear

When it comes to shoes, we say stranger. Eckhaus Latta made his debut with Uggs, while Anna Sui teamed up with Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog to create delightful granny boots with buckles. In 1941, the coach showed the gothic reptilian haute couture show, while Proenza Schouler loved stiff cowboy boots. Everyone was upset and a little upset, but that was what excited them.


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