With followers like gabriel leaguer and SZA, fitness coach Marcy arias pushes the boundaries of gym routines


“Finding one thing that makes you want to move and stick is key,” said Los Angeles health coach Marcy arias. “You’re going to start seeing these changes, but first you have to trust the process, be consistent, and find the willpower,” continued the Dominican republic-born fitness star, who ran out on a treadmill at her Los Angeles gym. Since starting her fitness journey seven years ago, Arias has gained 2 million followers and has found success with stars like SZA, Gabrielle union-wade and Kehlani. There’s more – and everyone is dying to know the secrets of this 30-year-old washboard abs and crazy work ethic. She has spent a lot of time motivating women from all walks of life through her program, the 30-day MA challenge (also known as MA Warriors). “I believe it takes your body about 30 days to really get started on your fitness and fitness journey,” arias says.

While her passion for fitness may seem intuitive, health awareness wasn’t always a part of arias’s life. “I come from a culture that’s not particularly healthy, where I’m told that girls do girly things, and men do masculine things… “I did ballet until I was 11 years old and I had exercise-induced asthma, which for me,” she explains. But when Arias realized she needed a change in her life, she discovered that she wanted to get fit at age 23 (the same as when she first did push-ups). “I was deeply depressed when my brothers developed cancer. “I basically stayed in a hospital, and in a bad relationship, I lost my value,” arias said. “I need to do more for myself and hold myself to a higher standard.”

Arias is a living example of breathing that allows you to start your fitness journey at any stage of your life (even the lowest point) and exercise wherever and whenever you can. In addition to her killer frame and infectious smile, Arias is known for her impeccable and unconventional training in airports, staircases and hotel rooms. Her husband, Willy Beaman, and even her baby girl, Indi, have weight training circuits for extra support or weight. “Some days I don’t have an hour and a half at the gym and I have to make it work,” she explains. “I try to get people to understand what fitness is. The world is your gym. You can move and use your weight anywhere. “In her Instagram post, Arias demonstrated that the pram can be used as a core construction machine and can perform lateral jumps using luggage.

For those who are just beginning to adopt a healthy lifestyle, arias advises “making the decision that you want to eat healthier. If you eat takeout five times a week, set a goal to start eating out less. Maybe after a week, your goal is to increase your water intake and reduce soda. Or you can add more vegetables and less Fried food. “When it comes to exercise,” it’s best to tell yourself first that you want to be more active… Start with 20 or 30 minutes and some once a week. People like to go from zero to hero… If they want to be healthier and more energetic, this is one of the worst things people can do. ”

Those seeking more in-depth advice can look forward to it in Arias’ forthcoming book, which will trace her journey from fear of fitness to gaining confidence in using the world as a gym. Inspiration, meanwhile, is just an Instagram.


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