Seeing men’s health from morning urine


  Male “sugar friends” have more or less health problems with age and diabetes . How to find these problems is very important.

  The first morning urination is a good mirror that can better reflect the health of the genitourinary system and is the best indicator of our life and diet. We can distinguish the physical condition, the amount of drinking water, the body’s disease and other conditions from the color, smell and state of urine.

  Urine turbidity : pay attention to identification When the urine appears turbid, the color is milky white, the first thing that comes to mind is infection. Indeed, this happens when there is an infection in the urinary system. In the case of more severe urethritis , some purulent discharges will appear in the urethra when waking up in the morning. However , urinary turbidity may also occur in chyluria , which is milky white or rice soup.

  In addition, turbid milky white urine sometimes appears after urination, which is what we often call “drip white.” If it happens by chance, you don’t have to be nervous. It may be due to prolonged discharge of the prostatic fluid and excessive secretion of the prostatic fluid. If the number of occurrences is high, it may be the performance of prostatitis .

  Red urine, urinary tract infection with red in the urine is likely to be a symptom of urinary tract infections, such as urethritis, urinary stones. If you have red urine and urinary frequency, urgency, and dysuria, it is recommended to do a urinary system check to avoid the best time to miss treatment.

  Sometimes eating vegetables and fruits with natural pigments such as carrots will also make the urine look reddish. However, this phenomenon is only temporary, and the situation of drinking more water will resume.

  There is blood in the urine, there must be abnormality. If there is blood in the urine, it means that the body must have abnormal problems. However, due to infections, stones, tumors, etc. in any part of the urinary system, hematuria may occur, and some systemic diseases may also cause hematuria. Therefore, the cause of hematuria is very complicated. Once hematuria occurs, go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause and symptomatic treatment, so as not to delay the best time for treatment.

  Urine yellow like strong tea: pay more attention to liver problems If the urine is yellow as long as pus, it indicates that the liver has problems. If there are inflammation, tumors, stones, etc. in the biliary tract inside and outside the liver, it will cause the urine to turn yellow. If the urine has a long-term yellowing problem, be sure to pay attention to other symptoms, such as jaundice , fatigue, and upper abdomen. Comfort and pain, etc., and go to the relevant liver check in time.

  However, if it is only one or two times of urine yellow, the time is short and there is no other discomfort, this can be assured. Because the color change of urine is related to the amount of sweating and drinking water and diet. If you sweat more, drink less, the color of urine will also deepen. In addition, when I just got up, the urine accumulated in the kidneys all night, the urine will be darker and the smell will be heavier.

  Bifurcation of the urinary tract, not necessarily prostatitis, urinary bifurcation indicates prostatitis, which is a misconception of many men. The cause of the bifurcation of the urine is mainly the expansion of the prostate, which squeezes the urethra. But there are many reasons for prostate swelling, such as inflammation of the prostate , benign prostatic hyperplasia , and even simple penile erection is one of the reasons. Because the penis is erect, the prostate will also be congested, inflated, and secreted. Some men may have experienced this experience: after erection at night or after a morning squat, go to the toilet to urinate, then find that the urinary tract is forked. This is the result of penile erection, which is normal.


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