Located on the coast of the Haitang Bay National Seashore, the hotel is a resort dedicated to the mystery of the lost Atlantis continent. As a complex, the resort offers a few days of fun for visitors without having to go out.
The Ocean Fantasy Kingdom consists of four parts: Water World, Lost Space Aquarium, Food Square and Deluxe Rooms. Unlimited use of the aquarium and aquarium during your stay.

Atlantis Water World
Water World is about a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Remember to bring your ID card and room card, change your ticket at the door, and store things on the right side of the door. If you want to carry your phone with you, you must prepare a waterproof cover.

Atlantis Aquarium
The Lost Space Aquarium, the entrance is located on the first floor of the hotel. Walking into the Atlantis Aquarium is like walking into a lost Utopia civilization and exploring the relics of the kingdom hidden in the sea for thousands of years. The reason I like the sea world is that it is ancient and mysterious. No wonder people should not be too straightforward and should remain mysterious.

Atlantis Mini Camp
In addition to the water world and the aquarium, the hotel also prepares a mini camp for parents who can take care of their children there. Every day, the mini camp has different parent-child activities for children to choose. Need to remind parents, be sure to bring an extra jacket, the air conditioning inside is very cold!


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