In the “Peruvian Conquest History”, the author describes how the Spanish colonists owned 160 soldiers and conquered the Inca Empire of 6 million. An important reason is that the Spaniards have horses, which the Incas have never seen before. They think it is a magical creature and they are scared.

Now, standing outside the farmers’ market in Cusco, I saw a chuya man rushing in the car. Many people stand on the street, their faces are indifferent to the horse.

Most of these coffins do not live in urban areas. They went to the town early in the morning to make a living. I saw women carrying children selling scarves and small crafts. Seeing my travel self, I leaned over and lifted something in a timid way. Some men walk around with big parcels, some just walk around with nothing to do, and some sell their own products, such as coca leaves.

Coca leaves used to make cocaine, such as poppies, are not publicly traded in many countries. However, at the farmers’ market in Cusco, there are many stalls selling fresh coca leaves, as well as tea shops that make tea from coca leaves.


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