In this part of Greece, there is always a feeling that sooner or later, it must go. Therefore, never eager.

But even if it’s just a stolen weekend, it’s a dream. Just like falling into a crystal ball, the whole world is transparent. Filled with the purest colors in the world, the colors of the sky, the sea, the snow, and the waves are all depicted by the people of the Holy Island, simple and lasting. Different from the red, yellow, green mingyan of many European small towns, it is different from China’s water town. Although the color is single but pure gray, elegant and restrained, this blue-white world, other colors are just embellished, simple but not Monotonous, cheerful and bright will not lose those gorgeous color combinations.

The Aegean Sea has many beautiful islands, each with its own way. Santorini is the most famous, but not the most popular among the local Greeks.


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