An artist once described a world in which the earth was filled with livestock and feces after the destruction of mankind. Various animals occupy public facilities that once belonged to humans. Dilapidated buildings and crazy plants seem to be very desolate.

Today’s Tomoko is the scene.More than a thousand years ago, the descendants of the Wuman tribe, a member of the ancient Yi tribe, crossed the Zhiziluo above the Nu River from the Biluo Snow Mountain on the banks of the Li River. They call themselves “nu su”, which is the origin of the bi jiang nu tribe. Zhizi luo is one of the earliest markets in the Nujiang Gorge. At that time, people living in higher places, that is, two ethnic groups, were descendants of the Wu tribes. They came to the exhibition and praised it in the Lisu language, which means “good place.”

In the year of the founding of the Republic of China, the colonial office of the Zhizhi Luo colony was established. In 1949, Bijiang was liberated and the Bijiang County Provisional Government Committee was established. Since then, Zhaizi Luo has become the political and economic center of Bijiang County. By the mid-1960s, Chiziro had developed into a mountain, water, economic and cultural facility (including the workers’ club), and became an important center connecting the Nujiang region with the mainland.

The climate is warm, the rainfall is abundant, the land is fertile, and it is always shrouded in clouds. When the weather is good, the scenery on the left is Biluo Xuefeng, the right is the Gaoligong Snow Mountain, the Nu River roars at the foot, and the 300-mile canyon has a panoramic view. However, geological experts believe that there is a possibility of extensive landslides in the scorpion, so in December 1986, Bijiang County was cancelled and the name “Bijiang” disappeared from the Chinese map forever.

That year, Dali invited artisans to build a new county landscape – the Octagonal Tower, which was just built and named the library, but has not yet had time to put the book. The county school has established two layers of support, and the doors and windows have not been installed and removed. The four-storey icbc building has only one year of history; it has only three days in a cinema with a capacity of one thousand… once prosperous Jiang County, so sacrificed in the changes of the city.

Twenty-nine years later, the expected disaster did not occur, and some villagers moved into the vacant room for a long time, but in the past, the crowded Tomoko was no longer lively.


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