I still can’t figure out why “TheBridges in Madison County”, a cheesy but inconspicuous story of the American adulterer, caused a sensation in China in 1995. Is it because the still conservative American family has to begin to prove ethical issues, and Robert James Waller’s refined prose changes between desire and responsibility?

Or is it just beginning to understand whether the audience of American blockbusters will quickly drag from the visual organs of “real lies” to the psychological wonders of extramarital affairs, thus triggering a fierce social debate?

But if public opinion more or less praises the industrious mistress, does the story of the Iowa back road have the same social impact? In pessimism, I tend to believe that this thing belongs to the protagonist Robert Kincaid and Francesca for four days of enthusiasm, just like trying to break a small hole in the frozen river under the bridge in winter without any embarrassment.


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