Patagonia is not a country or province. It is a plateau between Argentina and Chile. The west belongs to Chile, the east belongs to Argentina, the east has better places, the west is very barren, and the scenery on both sides is completely different. A completely different landscape environment.

In the morning, I saw a gorgeous big rainbow. I think it must be a beautiful day. The rainbow indicates that the road is smooth. I didn’t expect the car to break down. The small ice cubes began to fall. It was three days. Every year, the rainy season runs from May to August. During this time, people will suffer from rain, because they are all on foot, and most people will complete the circulation line. September to February is the best season. The temperature range in this area is not very large, but the sun comes out during the day, you want to undress, and it is very cold at night.

In Patagonia you can see mountains and glaciers, especially glaciers, which have melted rapidly in recent years and may have a particularly large problem in the next 20 to 30 years of glaciers, if some landscapes will disappear The glaciers will disappear.

I have only seen photos of the big glaciers in Argentina, and I am honored to see them with the naked eye. The glaciers are blue, and the inside is like the hard rock of the rock. The sunlight inside will pass through the other side, just like the feeling of the ground glass, and the sea glaciers will be seen from a distance. Glaciers are considered to be at high altitudes, but here they are at low altitudes, climate change is very sudden and will disappear in a flash, and these changes are a huge reward for photographers.


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