What most Chinese don’t know is that Maastricht in the Netherlands is not only the most beautiful bookstore paradise in the world, but also the ruins of ancient Rome. It is not only the oldest city in the Netherlands, but also strives to become the cultural capital of the European Union in 2018.

The ancients said that reading 10,000 books and traveling thousands of miles is the growth of knowledge standards. During these two years, I visited the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Vatican, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and other countries outside the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Travel is more informative than reading. The greatest discoveries, such as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Xu Shaike and Li Shizhen, are the result of a journey of a thousand miles. This is not outdated in the era of Google Street View. Finally, the Internet finally became awake, and I absolutely knew that this thing should be practiced. This is the reason and motivation for my embarrassment and time travel. Take a look at the photos of the relevant city and video for three days. Finally, you didn’t breathe the local air and stayed in the street bar for 30 minutes.


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