The memory of the first time to reach shan tou, although only between 5 years, is actually a little vague. But I still remember the first time I was shocked by this ancient city. It was one night, eating Fucheng beef hot pot, a group of steaming kings in the stomach. Eat a few pieces of licorice fruit from the street, a bit of acid, the tongue does not know where to put. A group of teenagers, fresh boats, very fresh. Have a local friend Hello, the team’s road to stress, just as your own city.

Turn around and talk, Shantou Old Town should go and see, tomorrow morning to Chenghai, to South Australia, then to Chaozhou, do not come back. So the wind and fire took the bus and got off the bus. Now the night is getting thicker, it must be ten o’clock. Get off and face the rows of arcade corridors. The lights at night are red, facing the rough mottled corridor pilasters, like those in old movies. It is like a gorgeous but dignified old man standing at night and in the depths of time. Then my heart is gone, this is a real place. For a moment, I regret that I left it to other people to travel and did not give it more time. I saw old and tasteful things, didn’t move, and talked. But late at night, the faces of the old town can only be seen sporadically. I took a photo with noise using the Olympus card machine.

My friend suggested that I have afternoon tea in a place called Xiangyuan. Entering from two inconspicuous straight buildings, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful mansion, an old building. Built in the 1930s, the design is exquisite and elegant. Its original owner is one of the leading figures in the spinning industry. Later, it was surging, the master abandoned the building and left the home, and had already returned to the public place. It was once vacant, and the vines leaving the building were wrapped in air.

There are two floors, Baroque architecture, and the corridors are columnar and arched, noble and elegant. Nearly a hundred years of wind and rain, the exterior wall has been mottled, long corridors, a red brick wall, a wooden window stained glass, thin straw curtains rolled up, the sun sloping overflowing, falling all over the ground, reflecting the pane. The crawler outside the window squatted on the wall. Outside the hall, connect some large glass windows, arched around, and breathe freely. The stairs are wooden, tortuous, and have temperament. Two or three people chat, sit in various rooms and halls, and have tea chat. Even the original host was not expected. In those days, a thousand pieces of gold bricks were piled up in small buildings, and now all guests are idling. The snacks here are unexpectedly delicious, with dried flowers near the sides, quiet places in the distance, and no place for afternoon tea.


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