The tropics are always colorful, full of charm and Bali is no exception. The blue sky, the sea, the green coconut leaves and white sand beaches, and the girls in colorful clothes always make countless passers-by. All colors can be recorded in photos, but the taste can only be remembered by memory.

Outside the airport, the local girl with brown skin offers a bouquet of frangipani with a smile. The petals are white like white, yellow flowers, like white packaging egg yolks. The five petals were rotated and pressed one by one without leaving traces of stamens. You don’t have to be close to your nose to get a strong aroma.

The fragrance of plumeria is always around us. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and all kinds of frangipani are placed everywhere. There are egg-flower trees in every temple and courtyard. Occasionally a plumeria appears on the ground. Standing under the tree, there will be a moment of choice by the plumeria, which will creep on your head or shoulders, bringing a fascinating aroma into your breath.

The street is full of frangipani fragrance. On the sidewalks of every street and alley, on the beach, in front of the house, or next to various statues, the Balinese residents provide inspiration – fresh petals, sweets and rice grains carefully placed on the banana leaves, placed on top The best sticks. Frangipani is the most beautiful testimony of this “land of the gods”.


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