From Toulouse, the fourth largest city in the south of France, the train line is about an hour, then take the bus for 30 minutes – all the way to see a green rolling mountain, no forest mountain is a carefully manicured lawn, occasional score or light green is In the village of the small house, surrounded by flowers, a year of harvest is rolled into small round haystacks in the field of wheat straw, lying in green fields, like the artist’s installation, which may be typical European rural scenery.

The bus stopped in the town of ARREAV, and Mr. Frank came to us before I saw a stone church with a thousand years of history. This time, we were invited, frankly, the fate of the Los Angeles silk couple came back seven years ago. When they traveled in China, they traveled to Dali with three children’s Los Angeles ribbons, and she said she and Mr. Have. Then we know that we have a hotel in the south of France, as well as a cultural foundation, dedicated to promoting ethnic folk culture and contemporary film and drama. Welcome us. We almost forgot that earlier this year, when we learned from the Internet that we also lived in Berlin, Lokon issued another invitation. This is the summer vacation for the children. We actually came as a family trip.

When a little boy asked him if he could take him to a village on the mountain, he was putting his luggage in the trunk of one of his trucks. Along the way, he asked about our last trip and politely asked for help, saying that his English was not good, and he was sorry to not talk to me. “Despite this, when he passed a lake, he stopped and told me the history and culture of the mountains around the lake in obscure English.


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