Thinking all the way, there seems to be no more suitable for the place name of this rich land than the enticing word of “Fu Yun”. The foothills of the Altai Mountains are surrounded by a large circle and are injected into the Arctic Ocean north of Irtysh, the Altai coniferous forest of Zenglin Jinshan, the general of the Great Western Grouse, and the long night of the Altai Rock Thunderbird. The rock pile, the light cocoa wetlands, the rise of Karak copper and nickel on the grassland, Cocoa paid the third national debt pit for the occasional sea town in the history of the country. 3, geological museum, unique erqis stone, hidden in the town’s exhibition venue hidden gold jewelry store, even on the wall half-wall collapsed, the words “sold with gems” also painted a curved brush.

If you are not careful, people walking across the street will take a hand out of their trouser pockets and sell you sapphires, pine ear stones or black tourmalines. No wonder, a witty joke spreads here – “Everything happens in six hot forms, everything spreads in the form of liquid in the mouth of the wife” – to prove the richness of this precious land.

However, no matter the jewelry store, no. Three mine pits, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or his wife’s oral liquid, these rare treasures are not for me to miss my visit here, but the clean natural environment that seems to exist since God created. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn, winter, and the four seasons, the atmosphere here is very clean. What is the concern of PM2.5? The water here is so pure that it can even make the best mineral water shame.


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