Come to the northern part of Xinjiang, I let a sheep accompany you to snow treasure hunt, this is absolutely enough for you to brag for a lifetime.” Brother said.

“What is special about sheep?”

“Think about the shepherd’s fantasy journey…”

Jagger is an Altai Qinghe who once dreamed of becoming an actor. In a few years, he entered the movie world and became a director assistant. Occasionally, he has a chance to appear in the movie, although the longest lens so far is only one second. This year, he returned to his hometown to start his own business.

The Altay area is known as the Xinjiang conference room, and it is searched on the Internet. Almost all the high-definition movies are here. However, Qinghe County, the hometown of Jiajing, is in full swing in the entire Altai region, like an outsider, isolated from the hustle and bustle.

Qinghe County also has a Mongolian name – Qinggri, meaning beautiful and clear river. It has been a nomadic pasture since ancient times. Surrounded by vast Gobi mountains and mountains, many grassland ethnic groups such as Sega, Nieman, Gru, Turkey and Mongolian live and develop here. In 702, in order to further consolidate the northwestern frontier, Wu Zetian was assigned to Qinghe County. Between 1219 and 1260 AD, Genghis Khan led the army to six people to collect the gosi. Until the end of the Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, nomads were transferred to the hands of Kazakh herders. Either way, the golden goatee is now covered with thousands of miles of snow.


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