Chamounix is ??the most famous town at the foot of the French mont blanc. It is the rose city of the little prince and the birthplace of the world’s mountaineering. In 1786, M.G. Pmonal, the doctor of chamonix, and the crystal digger balma, climbed mont blanc for the first time. Since then, climbers from all over the world have come to this place as a place of pilgrimage. Riding the mountain to breathe the fresh air, my body and mind are wrapped in pure nature.

The air in the mountains is fresh. This valley is very cool in summer. The air is filled with pine trees and flowers. Walk to an altitude of about 1000 meters, turned around, suddenly opened in front of the town of Chamonni, the grass hills at the foot of the mountain row upon row, looked up, all year round are snowy mountains. When we arrived at the terrace of the floreys shepherd’s hut and saw the iron railings of the hut hidden in the green vines, we were all fascinated by the blooming flowers overlooking the valley.

Mountaineering and skiing have always been Chamonix’s traditional outdoor activities, but we want to do something new and ride horses in the Alps. I found the owner’s house near the town of Chamonni. On the wooden hallway covered with skis, a lady wearing riding boots and plaid shirt appeared, her plaid hem tied to tight breeches. No one can say that she is almost sixty years old. Beibei is her Chinese name. She is a Shanghai native who lived in the United States in her early years. Her husband, Laobai, is French, but it is a fluent Beijing movie. She has lived in China for many years as a French expert. Now Charmooni has opened a ski school to teach skiing in the winter. Two people are like a couple of immortal couples living in the Alps.


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