Looking out of the window, the opposite door is a big house, the owner of a wealthy family, beautiful architecture, courtyard green grass. Morris and I got up at 3:30 in the morning to break the fast. This is the coolest time of the day.

Under the dim streetlights, we can see six people in the yard eating hummus and pastries in a white storm. Next door is an unfinished big house. The people working in the dark are all dark. They are all from southern Sudan. They sleep there at night because they have to work the next day, and their lights will never show up during Ramadan. .

During the daytime in Ramadan, when roads are sparsely populated and shops are closed, I like to go to the most popular food stalls for dinner to break the fast. They only sell fried beef and beef broth with fresh lemons, served with Jelijeli, a spicy vegetable like arugula. Unlike domestic Muslims, they didn’t pay much attention to breaking the time. After a whole day, they arrived for 15 hours. They arrived at the time to take a sip of water, then began to worship on the street and began to prepare meals after the service. .


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