I feel that I finally got to the right place at the right time. These days, the maple leaf of Quebec, Canada is turning red. Québec is a large province with a wide range of landscapes, including new cities like Montreal, cultural capitals like Quebec City, and natural villages with large mountains and rivers like Cerois. As the French-speaking part of Canada, people say “Bonjour” instead of “Hello” and have more confidence in their city history than they are now.

Not long ago, ZALAND, the UK’s largest fashion website, named Montreal the most elegant city in Canada in 2017. You should always be “cautious” when traveling in Montreal today. This elegant city blends French descent, British tradition and North American culture and always wants to showcase its fusion of food, culture and architecture, collision and innovation.

In terms of food, Montreal is a gourmet sanctuary in North America. Chinese and creative dishes are very popular in Montreal, not to mention the tunnel scent in Chinatown, Zuo Zongtang chicken and onion ginger lobster, even among locals. The restaurant “Oranges urinate, offering a decent sweet platter – although most of the time it will cook fish to make sushi” “but for the demanding seekers of Chinese food, when the chef of NomNom restaurant at W Hotel provides a Beijing roast duck When the series of sauces and shiny braised pork with skin, no one can resist the burning heat.


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