The song we heard for the first time many years ago is called “Vincent”. What did the prelude and chord do?

Vincent is the name of a person. In China, he is known as Van Gogh. This song is named after one of his most famous paintings, a starry night.

After listening to this song for a few years, I first came to New York, not to the metropolis, but to the MOMA Museum of Modern Art in New York. Because Van Gogh’s starry night is there. At that time, I pushed the big baby in the stroller to sleep, carrying a few little babies on the belt, standing in front of the/ rotating track for a long time. I feel too far from the stars. Later, the mother urged her child to get up all day, eat and sleep, and yelled at her children for homework and playing the piano, seemingly farther and farther away from the stars.

As an advance team, Luna and I settled on the edge of a small mining city, Copiapo, in the desert at another twilight time. It is actually the most marginal, and the line belonging to humans on the map ends here. In fact, the block is halfway up the hillside. There are no houses outside several houses. It has been in the desert for several days, and it is all around. The city is scattered in the wilderness. Once you leave the city, it immediately becomes a desert and there is no urban-rural boundary. This village is also a street or two edges, human houses, shops, activities, without its traces.


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