day and is a good example. It’s all about music, singing and midnight carnival. It is arguably the most passionate and dynamic festival in India.

A few days before the holiday, the market was full of pigments and petals. Traditional pigments are usually pink, fuchsia, red, yellow and green, all of which are natural dyes from plants. In the past, people collected the flowers of the “tso” tree, which is also known as the “forest fire.” The flowers are bright red. Yellow is made of turmeric, which is a tropical plant native to India. Green can be made from Mehendi dry powder, a harmless Indian pigment used in tattoos.

On this day, the shops on the street are closed. People meet, whether they know it or not, regardless of age and gender, no difference and race, they can pour each other red and green, and paint each other to show good luck. Some people go door to door, paint on the feet of the elderly, or apply directly to the faces and bodies of their peers.


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