In the year of Provence, Peter Meer described truffles as “mysterious and expensive gold.” Truffle is the most mysterious of the three European cuisines. It is made from the “breed of hawthorn and oak” and is the freshest and most beautiful natural ingredients. Truffles cannot be cultivated by hand, and changes in weather and soil directly affect their growth. Annual production is scarce and unstable, so it is expensive. The rarest truffles, weighing one kilogram, are “priceless” and are often sold at high prices.

French truffles are collectively known as Truffe noire, also known as Truffe du Perigord, which has become synonymous with French black truffles due to the highest quality truffles produced in the perego region.

Black truffles are sold from mid-November to late March. Its main areas are Dordogne and the city centre of Provence. During the truffle season, both regions open to the public or visitors to buy or visit the market. Provencal books usually refer to the small town of Carpentras, which has the most famous truffle market in France. The town, known as the mysterious and interesting, decided to explore the capontera truffle market.

Capontra is located in the southeastern part of the province of Vaucluse and is part of the Provence region. Provence is the largest truffle production area in France, and more than 80% of the pine trees in France come from the region. The town is located at the foot of Mont Ventoux, a truffle mountain. The truffle farmers found the truffles on the mountain and sent them to the truffle market. From mid-November to late March, two truffle markets are open every Friday. From 8 am to noon, another retail market is open to residents and tourists. In January, the truffles have a high maturity and the most delicious, and it is the best season to taste the truffles.


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