Take the overnight bus and arrive at Rasht, a small city in Iran, at 4am. From the station to the beach, the sky is low and red, and the water comes to the wet beach, covered with tiny white shells, sparkling in the morning sun, and the deep blue water shows a continuous transparent silky blue in the sunlight. color.

My friend Arman and I want to visit a conspiracy commune in the Rasht countryside. A group of friends who love nature retreated to the mountains and built a commune that was open to the public. They live together and work together to share the fruits of their labor.

Oman called the commune to ask for directions. A short man with long hair and a beard came to pick us up in the suburbs of the city. He drove an old red jeep and said that he bought food for the commune in the city today, and we can go back to the commune together. The car sailed between the mountains and the green fields between the sea, neatly planting grapes and other fruit trees.

We bought a few bags of flour at the foot of the mountain. Then we opened a path with only a few farmers. We heard the roar of the car and the sound of the dog.


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