After leaving Compiapo, we passed through several towns, 800 kilometers north of San Diego. We left the Pan-American Expressway and turned to Highway 1, which was along the coastline. One night in a small town called Taltal.

Already on the edge of the Atacama Desert, this is the best place on earth to watch stars. Running all the way, running is the only important thing, the scenery is just encounter and fate. Sadly, the most famous star-watching resort of San Pedro is about a 4-hour drive from the runway. Fortunately, once I arrived in Taltal, I found an observatory on the way I had to pass. Luna made an appointment to visit and had the opportunity to visit next Saturday.

When I drove slowly, lei and luna urged me to drive faster – the road to the wilderness was straight and flat, and we were often the only car in front and rear kilometers. After doing this for many years, my good boy, this pedal is exactly how many days it has been released, and even it is difficult to detect subtle emotions. On the road in front window, the white line quickly enters the bottom of the car. The scenery on both sides is quiet because of space. I want to dance. I want to sing. I want to scream and let the wind tear my voice before throwing it to the horizon.

The observatory at 2,600 meters is called Paranal. It is the EOS Observatory in Chile, with the world’s most advanced telescope and the world’s largest telescope, with a diameter of 40 meters under construction. Almost full of tears of excitement, he followed the observatory’s main car to the highest point and then entered the telescope. Yes, inside, the telescope is the building. If the plateau desert is like coming to the surface of Mars, then we are coming to the human base on Mars.


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