About a dozen years ago, I occasionally received a phone call from a Thai friend. Those business owners are generally in Pattaya. The last thing is all the drunk calls you mentioned, this place, where you write, really came. Then there is no more. Until the annual holiday last year, I can’t decide where to go. Some friends said that they are going to Thailand, and the visa landing has just been implemented.

In fact, the proposed friend is selfish and she wants to come back. When she told her at the airport, everyone said yes, yes… there are gods watching it in the sky. The matter was immediately brought to the forefront of the trip to Thailand. In Bangkok, I asked the taxi driver how to get to the Erawan Buddha statue under the viaduct. It is estimated that this Buddha is very efficient and has a great influence, both the driver and the manager of the hotel lobby. On the busy corner, under the skyscrapers and viaducts, there are the most effective gods. My companions offer wreaths and incense, and invite Thai folk songs and dances to worship the gods. This is solemn.

The tuk-tuk driver, surnamed Yang, speaks Chinese and claims to be a descendant of the Chinese Anti-Japanese Expeditionary Force. He visited the Thai Royal Palace the next day. We hired him and another companion’s car. On the road, Xiao Yang pointed out that half of the building, firmly said that Thailand’s economy is behind China for 20 years. After a green meadow, he said that the old king was cremated, no house can be built at will; Princess Sirindhorn, the daughter of the Thai king, is very good at Chinese, a poet, graduated from Peking University…because the early arrival, we entered Thailand The palace, there are very few tourists, still feel that the palace is not large, the crowded arrangement between the palace and the palace, also saw the beautiful garden or the towering tree, suspected in your heart, listening to the tour guide, only know that this is the early office of the king’s parliament As for the royal place to live in Bangkok, of course, is on the outskirts of a large garden.


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