Wakayama Prefecture is located in the southwestern part of the Kei Peninsula. Wakayama City is not far from Kansai International Airport, Osaka and Nara. On the day of December 31, I took a bus from Kansai Airport to Wakayama Station, then took a taxi, three or four songs, and went home (family accommodation).

I lived at the “ji mitsui temple” station. I could definitely guess that the local temple was named after the temple, but I came to many temples and didn’t notice the beginning. Who did not think of a few hours, that is, “big black day” – Japan New Year’s Eve – that night is near midnight, I stood on the balcony, on a cold night, riding wine, smoking, preparing old shayanara (Xu Zhimo.

The hillside near the temple overlooks the hillside. The orange lights are bright, very dizzy, hustle and bustle, and the joyful bells float leisurely (from one hundred and eighty). It’s not loose and slowly pulls out the curtain call. – One goes to the moon and the sun, if going out, walking, if it – a thousand words. For over a thousand years, Wei Wu whip… I think there are many, but wearing short-sleeved tops, cold wind search and reading bubble-rich Sapporo, black five-star beer (actually, the old red five stars are best The drink, it’s getting less and less, like a lot of things, the update is over), had to put down the stupid understanding, turn to the window, go back to the warm indoor warmth next to the seafood hot pot.. Before night, ride the bike provided by the landlord The supermarket buys rice wine seasonings for daily use, and the entire big travel bag – my travel bag is used every time.


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