As I continued to encounter texts about Venice, I realized that the city had been thoroughly analyzed for an inch, and every step of my life was in people’s “surprise, admiration and admiration.” It is undeniable that the face of Venice is constantly being refreshed in the literary world.

Around 9 am, the arcades on either side of St. Mark’s Square began to squeak in a tacit manner, with retractable iron windows selling jewellery, Murano glass and postcards. The official face of Venice woke up.

Venice’s maritime hegemony has been extensively extended. It is a city that resists nature. It was a valuable “sea queen” in the centuries before the discovery of the new world. St. Mark’s Square has seen all the glory of the Adriatic pearls. Napoleon coveted her beauty, calling her “the most beautiful salon in Europe” and ordered the removal of the SAN jerimiano church in the square during his brief reign, leaving only the Greek arches. Although he planned to return the four bronze Roman statues from Paris to the Governor’s Palace (the triumphant horse), he did not succeed. He ordered the construction of a replica, which is now in front of the former edourey garden of the Louvre.


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