Yunnan is the province with the largest population of ethnic minorities. There are 25 ethnic minorities and 8 ethnic autonomous prefectures. Almost every one has its own large-scale festival.

As a Yunnan native, when I was young, I would not have students from various ethnic minorities around me. At every major national holiday, these students silently absent from the classroom. The establishment of a branch of a national autonomous institution and one of the human resources work of the enterprise is to amend the holiday regulations in accordance with local regulations.

The Yunnan people are very accustomed to enjoying themselves because they have not made progress. In fact, the festivals that enjoy this kind of treatment are the Torch Festival, the Songkran Festival, the marching street, the monyao song festival, the dimo festival, the sense of breadth, the sense of festival, and the sense of style. About ten.

Among them, the Torch Festival, the Water Festival is the most grand. The Torch Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Yi people, much like the Han Chinese Spring Festival. To be exact, the Torch Festival is a common festival of the Dai, Yi, Bai, Naxi, Hani, Li, Lahu and Jinuo, and there are Torch Festivals, but the Torch Festival of the Yi is the most solemn. As for the Yunnan I am most familiar with, on the 24th to the 26th day of the lunar calendar, celebrations were held in the Chuxiong, Wuding, Luquan and Lushan areas where the Yi people gathered.


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